About Blackbear&Whitebear


I am Neja, I’m a graphic designer by profession and an illustrator by heart. I consider myself to be an optimistic person whose personality sometimes resembles that of a golden retriever because I always believe in the good in people. 🙂

I love to be hands on with my work! I am dedicated, hardworking, passionate, and creative; a perfectionist, who pays a lot of attention to details. Above all I’m a kindhearted and warm person, who likes to spend quality time not only with my little bear but also with my friends and family.

I had always wanted to see my illustrations come to life and let them walk off the paper they were created on. Everyday adventures with my little bear gave me the idea for a kids’ clothing and goods line. Blackbear&Whitebear has a sustainable design philosophy. While I strive to bring new illustrations, prints, colors and additions each season, the styles are minimalist, timeless and designed to be enjoyed for more than one season.

Dear Friends I hope you enjoy new adventures with my bear-y products, which are all lovingly illustrated, designed, handmade and hand-printed by me. So please bear with me 😉